Simple Shit: Why RoboCop is Awesome

Ladies and gentlemen, I did not expect it, but I loved the everliving crap out of RoboCop.  It’s over-the-top 80s gory, it’s a slapstick satire of 80s America, and it’s got some of the simplest but most effective visual storytelling that anyone who’s ever seen a movie before should be able to grasp.

Let’s summarize the plot to begin:

Detroit really sucks, and the cops can’t do much.  Some are bought, but all are outgunned.  The corporation that basically owns the police decide to replace cops with AT-STs.  Some guy in a suit gets blown into Campbell’s Chunky Tomato by one, so another exec says, “Let’s try making the Borg instead.  They’re at least half-people in there, and this won’t happen.”  They dig up a cop that got blown into Garden Medly Ragu by Red Forman and turn him into an emotionless law enforcement machine, complete with badass one-liners and pistol spins.  He robo-dozes off in his tiny I’m-a-robot-so-it’s-ok dormitory holding cell, and dreams about when he was a person.  Then he starts hunting down The Formans to avenge himself and remember enough of his humanity to have a celibate crush on his old police partner.  END OF MOVIE.

So how in the sweet name of Cyberdyne Systems is this a good movie?  Because it does all of its simple shit perfectly.

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