Some Close Readings from Blood Meridian

To continue from my earlier post on McCarthy’s Blood MeridianI’m gonna point out a couple of my favorite quotes from the early part of Blood Meridian and talk about them for a bit.  I hope you’re into that kind of thing, because I sure as hell am.

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Quotations in Blood Meridian

Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian is a crazy awesome western that you should all go out and read right now. It’s not a spaghetti western by any means – it’s one of the darkest, most brutal investigations of mankind’s capacity for cruelty I’ve ever come across. It opens with a third-person narrator describing the traumas of The Child, soon to become our protagonist, The Kid. I’m only capitalizing for clarity, because McCarthy does no such thing. By the time we enter the story proper, however, characters begin speaking, even the nameless Kid. The funny thing is, there aren’t any quotation marks to be found at all.

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