Characterization of Oryx and the Soul in Oryx and Crake

While working with the idea of the mind-body-soul relation in Atwood’s Oryx and Crake last week, I started to think more about it in direct relation to the primary characters – Oryx, Crake, and Snowman.  After playing with the thought for a bit, I’m pretty satisfied with correlating these three interrelated aspects of humanity with these three interrelated people.

I’ll begin with the last of the characters to be fully introduced: Oryx.

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Simple Shit: Why RoboCop is Awesome

Ladies and gentlemen, I did not expect it, but I loved the everliving crap out of RoboCop.  It’s over-the-top 80s gory, it’s a slapstick satire of 80s America, and it’s got some of the simplest but most effective visual storytelling that anyone who’s ever seen a movie before should be able to grasp.

Let’s summarize the plot to begin:

Detroit really sucks, and the cops can’t do much.  Some are bought, but all are outgunned.  The corporation that basically owns the police decide to replace cops with AT-STs.  Some guy in a suit gets blown into Campbell’s Chunky Tomato by one, so another exec says, “Let’s try making the Borg instead.  They’re at least half-people in there, and this won’t happen.”  They dig up a cop that got blown into Garden Medly Ragu by Red Forman and turn him into an emotionless law enforcement machine, complete with badass one-liners and pistol spins.  He robo-dozes off in his tiny I’m-a-robot-so-it’s-ok dormitory holding cell, and dreams about when he was a person.  Then he starts hunting down The Formans to avenge himself and remember enough of his humanity to have a celibate crush on his old police partner.  END OF MOVIE.

So how in the sweet name of Cyberdyne Systems is this a good movie?  Because it does all of its simple shit perfectly.

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Growing Old, Not Up – Torchwood Season 4

It’s incredible watching TV shows change completely over their runs.  Sometimes it’s a simple matter of doing things better.  Star Trek: The Next Generation started out with terrible rubber-suit aliens, clumsy characters, and some truly godawful plots.

Picard is quaintly confused by the sudden presence of black people.  Er, Ligonians.

Picard is quaintly confused by the sudden presence of black people. Er, Ligonians.

But then, somewhere between seasons 2 and 4, magic happened.  They got some new writers, nudged the characters into their grooves, and let Riker become the manliest man in space.

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